resim yarismasi 23


We are happy and proud to be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkiye. 

Within the scope of this meaningful day, which is the gift of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, the Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to children, who are the guarantee of our future, a painting contest is organized across the USA to contribute to the UNESCO World Art Day, by the Turkish Women League of America (TWLA) New York Atatürk School on the occasion of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

The subject of the contest was determined as “World Peace“, based on the phrase “Peace at Home, Peace in the World”, which formed the vision of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. The contest will be held among the students of (TWLA) New York Atatürk School and children aged 6-11 living in the USA,Canada. Evaluation will be made in two different categories among the ages of 6-8 and 9-11. The contest will be run by TWLA New York Atatürk School. For competition

Ataturk School End of Year Celebration – Dec 18, 2022

We look forward to welcoming you to our “Hello to the New Year” event. Arda TUREGUN will be with us at our dinner organized for the benefit of NY Atatürk School. Also, Holiday tables where you can buy gifts for your loved. In addition, we have valuable gifts such as THY aircraft ticket with surprise raffles. We will be happy to see you in this event. You can buy your ticket from the link below or at the door.


In support of UN World Habitat Day and Occasion of October. Turkish Women’s League of America associated United Nations Global Communications with collaboration with Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization (CSU)NGO accredited to ECOSOC, together proudly presents….

The event will take place on October 5 from 10am to 12 pm EST.

Adress: Turkish House -821 United Nations Plaza NY 10017

It is necessary register for rsvp: or 516-234-5015

You can reach to UN World Habitat Day reach out to speaker video: you reach press :

Celebrate Internatıonal Tea Day

We celebrated the UN’s International Tea Day in the Turkish House in cooperation with the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the United Nations. Our distinguished guests Dr. Aliye Pekin Celik, Ms. Buket Şahin, Ms. Çağla Ural and Ms. Demet Demirkaya shared stories of their books with us. They were informative and amazing stories. Thank you, we had a great time. We would like to thank the honorable Beste Çelik Second Secretary to the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the United Nations.

New York Türk Evinde Birlesmis Milletler Daimi temsilciliğimizin katkıları ile düzenlediğimiz Internasyonal Çay Günü etkinligimize değerli yazarlarımız Sayın Dr. Aliye Pekin Çelik, Sayın Buket Şahin. Sayın Çagla Ural ve Sayın Demet Demirkaya’ya sonsuz teşekkürlerimizi iletiyoruz. Kitaplarınızın nasıl meydana geldiğine dair hikayelerini bizim ile paylaşmanız günümüze renk kattı, sizleri daha iyi tanımış olduk. Ayrıca Birleşmiş Milletler Daimi Temsilciliği ikinci katip Sayın Beste Çelik’e teşekkürlerimizi iletiriz. Çok güzel ve zevkli bir etkinlik oldu. Tüm misafirlerimize de teşekkür ederiz, bize şeref verdiniz